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You can find Llama Crazy Pro MT5 in Attachment

Let us know if the license works properly

Remember: “Crazy Pro” EAs involve a high risk, I recommend using a separate account with a small budget and withdrawing often

I send you some recommendations for use All Expert Advisors:

  • Choose an Ecn broker, with an Ecn account, I recommend you: https://www.icmarkets.com/?camp=34213 or
    Having low spreads is imperative, to hope to win the market, Having high spreads, without any reason, definitely compromises your trading, it can transform winnings into losses
  • Start with a demo account, this is important to see if the EA works well and correctly. It is also very important to become familiar with Ea. It is also very important to test the various Set files, the various risk profiles, etc…
  • Use Low Risk, it is important to use low risk, to really understand how much Drawdown involves the use of an Ea. Many people use excessive risk and then become frightened in the face of DD.
    Therefore, remember to Deactivate the Autolot and to use lots 0.01 initially (and test Autolot risk first in demo).
    Many traders believe that Money Management is the secret to success in trading and in life.
  • Always remember to use the correct timeframe and Pairs, or to test new “experiments” first in demo
  • Remember that higher operating frequency, does not mean more money, it means that you are paying more fees to the broker
  • Your platform must remain open all day and all night. (24 hours on 24)
    I recommend using a VPS, this can be more convenient than keeping the PC open (electricity could cost more) and it is also safer.
    My recommended provider is: https://cheapvps.co/billing/aff.php?aff=383
    The Vps is a sort of “small computer” always connected online, located in a datacenter in some big city in the world (london, new york etc)
    here you can find 1 minut tutorial which explains how to connect to the VPS https://youtu.be/Km6EpWBVBGE

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