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What is Sqrt lot?2020-05-06T20:09:52+00:00

if you enable it, EA use less risk, adopting a money management based on Reinvesting only part of the earnings
“Autolot” will no longer be proportional based on capital, but the greater the capital, the lower the risk percentage

This is done simply by placing the Lot under a Square Root

i give you an example:

with default risk if you put Fox Trader Pro in 2k Account you have 0.01 as a start lot
with default risk if you put Fox Trader Pro in 10k Account you have 0.05 as a start lot
with default risk if you put Fox Trader Pro in 100k Account you have 0.50 as a start lot

with default risk, if you enable SqrtLot, if you put Fox Trader Pro in 2k Account you have 0.01 as a start lot
with default risk, if you enable SqrtLot, if you put Fox Trader Pro in 10k Account you have 0.02 as a start lot
with default risk, if you enable SqrtLot, if you put Fox Trader Pro in 100k Account you have 0.07 as a start lot

Do I have to change the magic number for each chart?2020-04-08T08:54:01+00:00

No, you must change the magic number only if you are using the expert advisor on 2 charts with the same pair. (for example EURUSD M15 and EURUSD M5)

if you use different pairs you can use the same magic number.

How does the license work?2020-04-08T09:02:21+00:00

If you have purchased or requested one of our products, you will receive your product within 24 hours, via email.

If you do not find our email, check if it is in the spam box.

Your license will allow you to use the robot or indicator on the Account Name entered during the registration process.

In case of problems do not hesitate to contact the support.

Why are you raising Prices?2020-04-09T10:30:35+00:00

Sometimes I raise the prices of my products, but why?

You are thinking, this asshole, he raises prices, so he makes more money.

in fact, the explanation is very different, I would always like to keep very low prices, to allow all customers to buy my Robots.

Unfortunately, however, I receive many questions, and therefore it is impossible for me to answer everyone.
I spend my days answering many many customers.
At some point, I can no longer respond well to customers, or responsively, therefore, customer service becomes bad, and all customers become sad.

The only solution I can do is increase the price, in this way, there will be fewer customers, but I will be able to provide everyone, therefore also you, adequate support!

If you have better solutions! I can’t wait to listen to them! do not hesitate to contact me!

Can i pay with Paypal?2018-11-27T14:23:29+00:00

You can pay through the secure payment of paypal.

How can I change the order comment?2020-04-08T08:54:30+00:00

In each expert advisor there is the “Trade Comment” field to change the comments.

My Robot does not open Operations2020-04-08T09:42:06+00:00

There may be many reasons why your robot does not open operations, below I will list 8 main reasons and solutions

  1. You just have to wait 24 hours: if you only added your robot to the chart now, you must wait at least 24 hours, sometimes 48 hours, to see the first operation
  2. Autotrading button on Stop

Your autotrading button must be positioned on Play as in the image below. (You just have to click on it)

moreover, your robot’s face must be happy, if it is not happy, you must remove and insert your robot in the chart

3. Your Account Balance is too low: If you entered a lot size too high, change it to 0.01, your budget may be too low for this lot size

4. Your Spread is too high: if your spread is too high, the Expert Advisor will not consider convenient do trading

In Your MT4 terminal, go to “Market Watch” -> then go on EURUSD and press “Right Click” -> then click on “Spread”

Now next to the Ask and Bid, you will be able to see your spread, like this:

If the pair where you are trading has a spread above 20, I advise you to change brokers and use our recommended broker:   (Choose raw spread account type)

I advise you to change brokers even if your spread is above 15, because a high spread is only a big disadvantage

Changing brokers or changing your account type is the only effective solution to this problem.

5. Rare trading conditions: Sometimes, in particular, when using a Multipairs Expert Advisor, it is possible that by entering only one currency pair, you have a very low amount of trade, so we can’t see the first trade, the solution to this problem is to insert the robot on the pairs recommended by the author, with the respective set files (if necessary)

6. Wrong Timeframe: when you open a new chart, the MT4 opens the Timeframe H1, you can often forget to change the timeframe, in the timeframe recommended by the author, look at all your Chart and check that the robot is in the recommended Timeframe. If not, change timeframe to the recommended timeframe.

7. Investor Mode: a rare mistake is to log into your account with the investor password instead of using your account password, in this case no trades can be opened.
To verify that you do not have this error, go to the “Journal” tab -> Here you will find errors, which will indicate that you are trying to open the Trade in investor mode -> To resolve this error, log back into your MT4 account with the correct password.

8. Your platform must remain open all day and all night. (24 hours on 24)
I recommend using a VPS, this can be more convenient than keeping the PC open (electricity could cost more) and it is also safer.
My recommended provider is:
The Vps is a sort of “small computer” always connected online, located in a datacenter in some big city in the world (london, new york etc)
here you can find 1 minut tutorial which explains how to connect to the VPS

In case you still have the problem, don’t hesitate to contact me on

Install an Forex Indicator, tutorial2018-11-29T09:12:00+00:00
Can i get a refund?2021-03-07T19:41:05+00:00

on mql5

Hi Sir

Thank you for your message

If you don’t like the product or it doesn’t work for you, I wanted to ask you, if you have also looked at other robots, because I can replace it with another potentially better Expert advisor, if you want, let me know
You can find all my EAs here:

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get a refund here on mql5, it is not possible for me to issue a refund (as a seller), only mql5 can do it, but they grant it only if, no license has been downloaded (a difficult condition, therefore), if you are not interested in other products, surely in the future I will publish other robots, can we keep it as a credit, which I have towards you, that you can use at any time, would be highly appreciated, let me know!

I want to give you useful tools for your trading
In any case, I will do my best to improve this EA, I do my best to improve my products every day and provide good assistance

Thank you so much for your patience

Which payment methods are accepted?2020-04-08T08:55:25+00:00

You can pay with Paypal, Debit card, Credit Card, Visa, Mastercard, unionpay, paypal card, postepay
If you contact me we can use also: Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, etherum, litecoin, Webmoney, epayment.

For some methods you need to contact

Install an Expert Advisor, tutorial2020-04-08T09:00:17+00:00
After how much do I receive my order?2020-04-08T08:56:23+00:00

The order is delivered within 24 Hours to your email address.

How does “Autolot” work?2020-04-09T09:38:45+00:00

Money Management is very simple:

Lot: Here you can select the lot, the lot will be taken into consideration, only if “Autolot” is set to false

Autolot: Autolot can be false, therefore it will be deactivated and the Lot entered in “Lot” will be taken into consideration.
If “Autolot” is true, however, the “lot” will be completely ignored.  If “Autolot” is true the lot is automatically calculated, based on the “Risk” value

Risk: The risk is calculated based on your “Account Balance”, if the account balance is greater, the open lot is greater.

The best way to understand Your Risk it is to put the robot on demo, simulating your real balance!

For further questions please do not hesitate to contact me

What is the magic number?2018-11-27T14:27:36+00:00

The magic number is an identification number that is used by expert advisors to find their orders.

Which one of your EAs would you say is the best2020-04-10T08:33:04+00:00

Hi ,

Here you can find my best robots (in my opinion, based on my experience):

Medium-Long Term Trading. (for conservative risk, Capital require 1500 USD or over)

– Fox Trader Pro

– Koi Trader Pro

– Monkey Trader Pro

– Lion Trader Pro

Fox Work in EURUSD M1, you can see Real Trading performance here:

Koi Work in USDJPY and EURJPY M1, you can see Real Trading performance here:

Monkey Work in EURUSD M1, you can see Real Trading performance here:

Lion Work in GBPUSD M1, you can see Real Trading performance here:


Short Term Trading. (for High risk and high profit) ->  (They are all multi-currency, they need set files to work in other currencies) (Capital require 200 USD or over)

– Dragon Scalper Pro

– Shark Scalper Pro

– Eagle Scalper Pro

You can find all my product and live signals here:

Before leaving a bad review2021-01-14T16:24:48+00:00

First Attempts

Hi Sir

Thanks you for your message/I noticed your bad experience with ……….

Can i ask if your trading condition are good? (Broker and Vps)
Can i ask if have you put right pairs and timeframe?

This EA is a few spread sensible, so servers and many other factors also make a difference.

Furthermore, this is a bad period due to the international tensions and crises for Covid 19.

if you want to continue to test, I advise you to continue with 0.01 to see if in the next few days you will have more favorable conditions.
Otherwise I also wanted to ask you, if you have also looked at other robots, because I can replace it with another potentially better Expert advisor, if you want, let me know.

You can find all my EAs here

Also because I really appreciate those who follow me and support my work

I hope you too can appreciate my proposal and my work

I hope my careful support can allow you to positively re-evaluate my EAs

I want to give you useful tools for your trading, I do my best
In any case, I will soon explore alternative ways and alternative set files in order to improve EA, as soon as possible

Thank you so much for your patience

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