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Manual Scalper Pro



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Manual Scalper Pro is a trading Panel for the trading on forex and for trades several strategies. My idea is to give a useful tool, which helps the manual traders to increase the profitability of their trading.

I have included special features that I have never seen in Other Trading Panels.

This Product is Fifo Compatible.

In fact, the panel also works in Backtesting. In this way, you can “train” to trade manually in the backtest.

Multiple Trader Support Systems are available: Trailing Stop, Average Trailing Stop, Grid Management, Close after Bars, Stop Loss, Take Profit.

The Manual Scalper Pro panel can be used on any currency pairs and Timeframes.

if you can not run a backtest, watch the video below.


Run Backtest

Here you can find a complete guide to run a backtest correctly: How To Backtest Any Trading System Correctly


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SettingsDefault or set files
BrokersBroker with low spread and commission, ecn, stp or ndd
Minimum Deposit100 usd
Market Entry methodMarket Order
Tester Methodtick by tick
Fifo CompatibleYes



  • Lot: lot amount with autolot disabled
  • Autolot: Enable autolot or disable it
  • Risk: risk for autolot calculation
  • Magic Number: id for identify Ea orders
  • Signal On Crossing: if true, Enable signals only on crossing
  • Enable Grid Management: if true, orders will be opened to recover the losses
  • Max Orders: Amount of Maximum Number of Orders
  • Lots Grid Increase: Increase amount for the lot for next Order (this is a coefficient, test it)
  • Grid Distance: Minimum distance for the next Grid Trade
  • One Position Per Bar: Open grid orders only at “Bar Close” price
  • Grid Take Profit:Take profit, when 2 or more Orders Exist
  • Stop Loss Mode: Stop loss calculation method:
  • First Order: Calculate stop loss from first order
  • Default: Calculate Stop Loss Based on the weighted average of the opening points
  • Take Profit: take profit for orders
  • Stop Loss: Stop loss for orders
  • Close Only at end of bar: Close trades only on Bar Close
  • Enable Bars to Close: Close trades after a fixed number of bars
  • Bars to Close: number of bars for close a trade
  • Trade Comment: trades comments
  • Enable Trailing Stop: Enable Trailing Stop
  • Start only in Profit: Start only if Stop loss is in Profit
  • Trailing Stop in Point: Trailing Stop in Point
  • Trailing Step in Point: Trailing Step in Point
  • Enable Average Trailing Stop: Enable Trailing Stop
  • Start only in Profit: Start only if Stop loss is in Profit
  • Average Trailing Stop in Point: Trailing Stop in Point
  • Average Trailing Step in Point: Trailing Step in Point
  • Change Chart Color: Change Chart Color in Scalper Pro Colors

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